Leading CFD, crypto, and forex online trading platform SimpleFX has partnered with a third-party affiliate management solution Unilink. The goal is to provide SimpleFX users the most flexible and powerful recommendation software while keeping full transparency and high revenue share rates reaching 40 percent.

Affiliate marketing is a very powerful tool for expanding online brokers’ customer base. It also builds a strong community around the platform giving great benefits to industrious traders and crypto influencers. However, the devil’s in the details.

An affiliate network is dispersed. As every crypto enthusiast knows this should account for its advantage, yet for such a system to work properly, you need an adequate technology. Unilink.io is a perfect tool to manage their referral campaigns and track revenue streams.

Affiliates who recommend SimpleFX WebTrader earn up to 40% of the lifelong revenue produced by the traders they brought in. Additionally, they get a part of this commision from the spreads generated by their affiliates’ recommendations. This creates a profitable network, that is not easy to oversee, without a specialized software.

Thanks to a new partnership SimpleFX users receive effective engagement and referral tools to build their affiliate networks. They can access reliable real-time traffic, conversion rate, and revenue statistics. SimpleFX affiliates get a stable mechanism to track the lifetime income generated by their partnership network.

Every SimpleFX user can access the Unilink clicking the “Refer friends” button in the slide in the menu at the top left corner of the SimpleFX WebTrader app.

Start with creating a new Campaign, and then choose the referral tool you want to use: banner, link or a landing page. Unilink offers over 40 different customizable templates, supporting all standard formats and the world’s most spoken languages.

Use the formats and links to engage friends and followers through your websites, e-mail or social media. Each user that will sign up to SimpleFX WebTrader as a result of your Campaign will bring you revenue forever.

In the Unilink Dashboard, you can track the views, clicks, first and multiple level conversions and revenues created by each trader you recommended. You can see the geographic location of your affiliates, as well as the type of device they are using. All this data is updated in real-time and can be presented for any period and any campaign.

The most important part of the Unilink application is the Wallet. Here you can track each transaction made by your affiliates, see the spread and revenue they generated for you. Your multi-level affiliates’ trades are grouped together to make the view comprehensible.

The new SimpleFX affiliate program provides full transparency but at the same time protects the privacy of the affiliates, as all the personal data is anonymized.

SimpleFX affiliation programme is crypto friendly. You can freely convert your USD revenue to withdraw it using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, and Litecoin.

SimpleFX WebTrader is the fastest, most intuitive CFD trading tool available, that works perfectly on every device and has all the instruments you need. It’s easy to pick up and at the same time offers all the most advanced automatic trading solutions thanks to a super safe and simple API manager. With SimpleFX WebTrader you get smart intuitive trading, no minimum deposits, and a leverage up to 1:500.

Sign up to SimpleFX WebTrader app and set up an affiliate campaign.


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