The really cool thing about is that it integrates seamlessly with the experience with our client’s platform. The users can access panel from their tool’s menu.

For example, when referring friends SimpleFX users just click the link inside the trading platform.

  1. Login to the tool you are referring, click “Refer friends” in the left side-in menu and go to
  2. Click “Referral link” in the left side menu.
  3. Click “+ ADD LINK”,
  5. copy the link to the clipboard,
  6. and paste the new links in the place of the old ones.

If you are using old SimpleFX affiliate banners, get new ones.

  1. Click “+ ADD BANNER”
  2. Choose a banner set,
  3. Choose language, banner size, and copy your HTML code,
  4. Send them to your friends and contacts to build up the affiliate program.

It’s that easy. Good luck!


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