When starting a new business, investors need to research the industry it competes in. Affiliate marketing, although not an industry per se, requires the same approach, especially since it is heavily technology-driven. Additionally, competition keeps inventing new methods of affiliate advertising, using numerous new channels to reach leads.

Thus, it is essential to educate yourself on how to conduct affiliate marketing and keep your gig profitable properly. We provided several sources for learning, as well as general direction on how to do decent referral advertising.

Briefly about Affiliate Marketing

The first step to construct a profitable marketing gig is to understand what affiliate marketing is. Putting it in most straightforward form affiliate marketing as a form of advertising where individuals spread positive word-of-mouth. As a result, referred customers would purchase the goods while marketers earn a percentage of the revenue as a reward.

Today, there are various ways to reach potential leads for the company that you do affiliate advertising for. Social media, forums, YouTube videos, websites, and other channels are all effective way to reach your audience and provide information about the company you are promoting. You can find more information on our blog post about possible ways to do affiliate advertising here.

Creating SEO Content

When talking about online marketing, SEO is a tool that needs separate attention. Nowadays, marketers talk about it, as it defines popularity and how high you will rank in Google search. Thus, keeping it reader-friendly is essential b following a few simple rules:

– use keywords that matter for the industry and company you are promoting

– if writing, keep sentences short and use external links when necessary

– design pictures, banners, memes, or get someone to do it in your stead

– the more of daily content, the bigger audience you might get

The higher your website ranking is, the higher the position you will find your content in Google. Thus, the audience will get to see your ads quite often.

Using Keywords

As part of your SEO efforts, keywords deserve separate attention when affiliation marketing is in question. Whenever you go online and search for something on Google, you type words that interest you. Those are the so-called keywords, and you should have them all over the place when creating online content. By integrating several well-used terms, you can gain quite a high rank.

Thus, keywords are the “key” toward your referred customers. If you search for a particular product using three to four words at the same time, you want to know it. Numerous programs calculate the popularity of keywords that you can check out today. Some of them are MOZ, KWFinder, Google AdWords, Keyword In, Keywords Everywhere, and many others.

Learning Sources

There are several places where you can get the latest information regarding affiliate marketing for free. Below are only a few examples, as the internet is not full of courses, both paid and unpaid, that touches upon online advertising.


This platform has an interesting beginners guide to SEO that is worthy of your click. Dividing the educational page into ten sections, MOZ talks about everything related to SEO and how can your website become one of the tops searched links in Google.

Interestingly, MOZ itself is a powerful keyword and SEO tool that offers numerous features for a price. Check their program out; they are definitely worth the money that you may invest in them. Additionally, you can opt for a 30-day trial to give them a check at any case.


Google offers many statistical tools that can come in quite handy for your SEO research and education. Give their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide a read to understand just how ranking works at Google.

YouTube Videos

At this point, if you type “affiliate marketing” in the YouTube search bar, you will get hundreds of free courses. The best thing about YouTube videos is the possibility to ride a bus and listen to their program. You do not need to read or to divide your attention. Plug earphones and keep track of what speaker is on about.

Finally, Accumulate Experience

You probably noticed by now that there is a lot of resources online that can help you start your gig. However, the best teacher is experience, in our opinion. By implementing your plans, no matter if you fail or succeed, there is always something new to learn. Thus, we would wholeheartedly advise you to keep good use of statistics data management tools, such as Google Analytics and Unilink.io.

Unilink.io is probably even more crucial tool regarding your learning processes and profitability in general. The platform offers various statistical analysis tools, as well as a single place where you can manage all your revenue streams. Give the website a try to see just how powerful their tools can be when conducting affiliate advertising.


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