We live in a digital world where, with right preparations, is entirely possible to earn while sleeping. The so-called affiliate marketing sector saw tremendous growth due to awesome payouts for generation of referred customer leads. Referral income provided (and still does) quite adequate returns for the effort involved. Additionally, there are platforms that provide easy-to-use solutions that greatly benefit affiliate marketers, such as Unilink.io.

Thus, in this article, I will show you how to make an average salary through affiliate programs. Apart from profit calculations and tricks that you should use, we suggest upgrading your referral gig through affiliate tracking software. By adequately preparing and implementing strategies offered by this guide, you will have a sound basis for your affiliation programs.

Affiliate Passive Income – a Gold Mine

Nowadays, it is possible to live off passive income, especially if you decide to opt for affiliate marketing. There are no specific limitations on the number of organizations that you can advertise. Additionally, the effort involved is minimal, since there are tons of ways to do so without complete dedication. Using data from Web Market, it seems that companies like to spend on affiliates, over to $5.9 billion in 2018.

Additionally, you choose what kind of strategy and amount of partnerships to have. There are no obligations, no strings attached and you can design your own campaign according to your own knowledge. Investments are quite low compared to many other passive income channels, for example, lending. It is risk-free since affiliate partners do not put anything on the line.

Now, let’s delve a bit deeper into income, shall we? According to the table below, developed countries are quite ahead of third-world regions in terms of annual salaries.

Germany $44,466
UK $45,280
France $42,410
Italy $32,931
Spain $31,635
Indonesia $2,196
Turkey $5,352
Thailand $5,016
Brazil $6,912
China $10,838
Japan $38,234

Data collected from various sources, including OECD, Trading Economics, Numbeo, and CEICdaTA

Comparing these findings with potential earnings, it seems that affiliate marketing suits different needs for people across the globe. However, the tricky thing about average affiliation income is the fact that no single database holds the exact number. Many people hide or exaggerate their earning levels due to various reasons.  However, using our own experience, we can pinpoint most probable range on the global scale, with the numbers revolving between $3,600 and $18,000 annually.

Thus, for those living in developed countries, affiliate marketing can come in as additional income compared to their salaries. However, for developing regions, affiliate marketing can actually compensate for their entire job wages.

Reaching Target Audience

Now that you know what affiliate marketing is, it is time to take the first step in earning while sleeping – uncovering your target audience. You, as a referral marketer, need to know who wants what and how platforms rank in that order. We would advise choosing one specific industry to work on, as the number of competing businesses is quite large.

Setting up Referral Programs

With industry set, you should get your hands on affiliate programs from fast-growing companies. Many of these have Google Analytics available, where you should focus on page views and bounce rates as a measure of potential. A good number of them also does not require any sort of investment and provide numerous tools (banners, links) to help you gather new users.

Choosing the Right Channel

Overall, there are five main channels to work with when doing affiliation marketing: blogging, advertising in social media, forums & Reddit channels, eBook & short reports, and a website. Each of these tackles a specific segment of your target audience. Thus, the best way to reach new users for platforms you are promoting is to work out programs for a multiple of them.

Without any investments (or very small ones), we suggest starting at social media, forums, and blogging. In any case, open up a blog spot for free, provide links there as well as short articles regarding the company you are advertising. Segmenting your audience can help you derive effective messages. Check out our blog regarding the best methods to conduct affiliate marketing.

Invest in Affiliation Gig

Although not necessary, we do believe that tools streamlining your referral links can help out a lot. Take Google Ads and Facebook marketing programs, for an example. By paying for reach, you can contact thousands of potential referral leads, ending in you getting the affiliate revenues. Most of these contracts help in the stigmatization of your programs, with mass reach within the grasp.

We would also recommend using Word Press or a similar platform for your website and/or blogging. It shows that you are passionate about the products that you are endorsing. Lastly, in this way, you are providing a service for your audience, as reviews, commentaries, and advice are quite popular these days.

Affiliate Tracking Software

Another type of investment that we wholeheartedly suggest for you to use is affiliate tracking software, like Unilink.io. Such platforms offer a great variety of analytics and data management tools for your use, helping you determine trends and organize your campaigns.

Unilink, for example, offers a lot of services that could streamline your affiliate programs. Some of them include:

– Holistic analytics and performance tracking

– Secure data storage

– Media analysis (landing pages, widgets, display ads, referral links, etc.)

– Revenue planning and analysis (PPC, PPL, PPA, PPS, Revenue Share, High Water Mark)

– Statistics and performance tracking

Unilink offers settings for B2B and B2C customers, meaning that profiles are fully customizable. Thus, several programs are set in place, which brings in flexibility depending on how big your affiliate gig should be. All statistics are updated in real time, which will alert you to certain trends within the market in your affiliate programs. Be sure to use demo software to get the exact idea of all functions available to you at Unilink.

Profit Calculation

Combining previous sections, it is time for you to make a calculator on investments and how should you plan out your activities. Affiliate programs can be quite lucrative if you choose the right material for the right channel at the right time. Thus, investments in a website and affiliate tracking software are of great help to reach a massive user base for your chosen platforms.

Apart from revenues and costs calculator, you should adhere to Keyword potential profit measurements as well. These would tell you how lucrative your market is, how big competition is right now, and what should you do about it. It may not be 100% correct but it can give you a rough idea of what you are dealing with and what kind of investments are needed.


Bringing it all together, using potential earnings calculator, as well as affiliate marketing software like Unilink could really help you determine right channels and platforms. When putting out referral links, it is important to find that ground upon which you can base your passive income. Choose growing companies that are healthy and know what they are doing.

Use different channels of your referrals and reach your leads by promoting the company through interesting content. Lastly, use Unilink’s analytics to determine trends, opportunities, and threats to your gig. It can get you quite far if you know how and when to release your affiliate links.

So, if you happen to live in Indonesia, Turkey, Thailand, or Brazil, affiliate marketing can help you quite a lot financially. Otherwise, if you happen to live in the UK, USA, France, Japan, or Italy, it is a good side-gig to start out.


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