Usually, people make resolutions on the New Year’s Eve. Businesses do so as well, since the end of the year means that results are discussed and programs designed. Competition is fierce across the globe. Additionally, organizations are going global, with new players entering the market easier than before.

Thus, we decide to take a short analysis of the market right now what will it look like in 2019. This article is suitable for both businesses that wish to imbue affiliates and marketers looking for a passive income.

Reputation is Everything

Everyone is using the internet to rate businesses and products they offer. Affiliates are no different in this aspect, due to a large number of scams going around. Thus, if you are an affiliate marketer, promoting questionable companies, people will avoid your content.

The same goes for businesses that do not hold their part of the bargain when constructing your affiliate program. Even if you provide excellent packages, if your services do not bring promised quality, the chances are that affiliate professionals will avoid you like the plague.

Mobile Platforms

The age of desktop shopping is slowly giving out a considerable space to mobile platforms. iOS and Android users like to search for the next cool thing in the market by tapping their phones. It is more comfortable, and companies know it. Thus, affiliate marketing programs often include apps that help marketers track their leads and performance.

The rise of apps will push referral entrepreneurs to create content suitable for readers that mainly use phone devices.

The rise of Retailer Affiliate Programs

Retailers are increasingly finding affiliate marketing a handy advertising tool indeed. Thus, 2019 will see companies that sell online tapping affiliates to build more extensive customer bases. More importantly, affiliate advertising is heavily performance-based, with main metric being the desirable action – buying a product.

This particular point is tightly connected with reputation, as blogs/websites promoting a specific retailer need, to be honest. Providing false claims can hurt both the advertised business and affiliate marketer as well.

Affiliate Agencies – A new thing in 2019

Currently, most of the affiliate marketers are individuals, looking for a passive income that won’t take much of their time and effort. However, this particular advertising channel is growing unprecedentedly, attracting the attention of several companies.

The reason is quite simple – the more employees you have, the more significant number of companies and industries can be covered. Revenues can be quite substantial if you have professionals supporting the gig. Thus, we expect to see an increase of affiliate agencies around the globe.

Facebook will be an Important Channel

Social media is always a good start for affiliate gigs. However, Facebook is growing in importance due to a large number of potential clients that are active there. Many a business opened a Facebook page, advertising products by directly engaging with the customer base.

Affiliate marketing would thus rely on this channel even more so in the coming period. It would be wise to base much of your content on this particular social media platform, no matter the industry you are promoting.

Recruiting Niche Partners Becoming Quite Complex

For businesses, it will become increasingly vital to choose those referral partners that provide attractive content. Simple lead generation would grow obsolete as customers need to filter out a large amount of information.

For affiliates, it means that a combination of referral tools is necessary, including a website with blogs, reviews, and other services. Reputation is quite essential, with well-known endorsers having the most significant chance for success.

Affiliate Marketing Product Diversification

With new tools becoming available each day, affiliate starters have more time to diversify their content across different industries. Tracking results, evaluating SEO content and creating effective programs is a must-do. Thus, various new software solutions are now readily available, saving time and providing accurate analytics.

Unilink is one of those new solutions for affiliate marketers, offering a single database while accounting for different industry metrics. Using it will help you understand what types of keywords work for different sectors. It can also pinpoint issues that would be invisible otherwise while different markets have their metrics.

Concluding Remarks

We believe that 2019 will be a year of changes for affiliate marketers and businesses that wish to use it. Reputation and attractive programs will be the backbone for a successful relationship, as they will define which programs will be successful.

Additionally, broader product diversification leads to the creation of affiliate agencies, putting up pressure on individual marketers. Thus, we recommend starting preparation to address these trends so that you can get the most from the affiliate marketing.


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