Picture the scene: You are on vacation in a remote location with your loved ones. There are no worries while you enjoy relaxing on the most beautiful beaches, cultural sites, and scenery. But, then you need to go home. Typically, your bank balance would have suffered afterward. However, what if we can show you a way that rather than taking a financial beating, while you are away, your situation could improve, despite your expensive vacations?  You think that it can’t possibly be true, don’t you?

Affiliate Marketing – Have the Hope of Making Money Forever

If you find the whole idea crazy, believe us, it’s still possible with affiliate marketing. This digital marketing idea works with ‘revenue sharing.’ Primarily, an affiliate marketer sells someone else’s service or product, and they earn a commission on how many sales they make.

If it’s done well, affiliate marketing allows people to have income coming in steadily and passively. There are hundreds of blogs out there that suggest affiliate marketing is a get-rich-quick scheme. This is very far from reality.

Hard work and determination is needed to do affiliate marketing well. You will need to find the products and maintain the blogs, so there’s a lot of work behind the scenes.

One way that you can maximize recurring income is through affiliate programs with the recurring commission. There are usually two kinds of affiliate program:

  • The one-time commission type
  • The recurring commission type

One-Time Commission

This model is simple. You refer your product by publishing online. If your readers result in buying the product, you receive a fixed commission. If you have more referrals, you will make more in commission.

Recurring Commission

This model is a successful way to bring in recurring income. These affiliate programs don’t just pay out on conversion, but they also pay each month if the user keeps on using their subscription.

This is a way that many people enhance their regular income. You receive your share each month without the need to do much as long as you pay the subscription. This program usually applies to digital products and services like online courses and web hosting.

Who Should Choose for Recurring Affiliate Programs?

There’s no better feeling than having steady income coming in each month without much effort. It’s a good feeling and one that many crave. Recurring Affiliate Programs are also great for those who run their own business or who are freelancers. It’s a fantastic way to increase monthly income. Here are some places that benefit from this kind of program.


Words are powerful; that’s a fact. Bloggers are people of ideas. They love words, wanting to express their ideas passionately. Bloggers that join a recurring affiliate program is one way in which many people monetize their blogs. They help to produce recurring income while you continue to provide top-quality content. Bloggers can partner with any platform that offers such a program. Usually, these are subscription services. The best way is to try a service first. Good companies are happy for you to do a free trial.

You need to learn all there is to learn about the service itself before writing accurate and strategic content with the idea of convincing readers to take the potential leads. You do need to make sure that any services that you endorse are reputable and high quality. As its recurring commission, you won’t get much benefit if a customer unsubscribes after just a month.


Most freelancers know that their income is not predictable. Sometimes you have too much work to handle and other times you’re desperate for more. Freelancer earnings are very much time-dependent. If you have more time, you’ll earn more. Having a recurring income can, therefore, provide a stable income for freelancers. Such ideas could be in the form of offering a third party’s website maintenance after you have finished developing their website.

Digital Agencies

A digital agency is usually bustling. Furthermore, there’s a lot of competition that there’s never any breathing space. If they try to take a smarter approach, they can change their existing clients into their source of recurring revenue. Let’s have a look at how.

If you have a trustworthy web host for your agency, you know that they are reliable and will answer your queries no matter the time of day. You can, therefore, recommend them to your customers. The web host company can pay a commission on this. If you can do this on a large scale, with multiple clients, imagine the revenue that you could generate.

The Take-Away

If you’re a blogger, freelancer or digital agency, having recurring commission will be a plus for your growth financially using an affiliate program. The trick is to find products or services that you believe in, that you genuinely respect so that you can promote them and suggest them with ease and confidence.


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