Read our guide on how to make money building an affiliate network and what sectors will generate the biggest passive income for you.

The internet has changed how we work and play, and from the time the first dial-up internet access was available in our homes, it has been viewed as a way for entrepreneurs to find success and make money. However, while the narrative is often that the internet highway is paved with gold, it isn’t easy to find your route to an income and success.

However, there are some proven ways to profit from your web presence, whether you have a blog, a social media presence or are looking to build an income from scratch, Affiliate Marketing has a proven track record of success for people of all levels of business experience.

Try the most profitable Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing Business

You may have heard of affiliate marketing before, if you have ever set up a blog or other website, you will often see various plugins available for affiliate marketing, but what does it actually mean?

Affiliate marketing is a social venture, the more friends you have, the higher your chances 🙂

One of the biggest challenges of starting a business is finding something to offer to customers. Whether it’s a book, a toy, a TV or anything, everything we buy has to be created. But how many of us actually have the resources to set up a factory or write a book?

This is where Affiliate Marketing comes in. It is a system that allows you to offer products of any kind from others, and profit from any purchases. It’s the ideal business, no product to create, no stock to hold. Just recommend products, and if anyone buys, you get a commission and a steady stream of passive income.

It’s not a new idea, getting a commission on sales has been around almost since commerce began, but it’s not new on the internet either. Amazon has grown to the global brand they are today through offering the first easily accessible affiliate marketing program on the internet.

The growth of affiliate marketing has occurred alongside the invention and widespread adoption of cookies, which today are the tool that ensures that when someone buys through your offers, you get the commission. Thanks to cookies you can track the purchases of the people you referred.

Picking the products to promote

There are affiliate marketing programs for almost any type of product or service you can think of, but if you are anything like me, so much choice just makes it impossible to narrow down what to do. So, to make it easier, there are a few things to think about.

First, if you already have a blog or social media presence, think about finding an affiliate program that relates to your existing content. For instance, if you have a blog that talks about fashion, then perhaps an affiliate program related to that would work best.

However, if you are starting a web presence just for your affiliate marketing, where do you begin? The good news is that because affiliate marketing is a proven way to make money online, there is lots of data to look at to see where you can find success. From major affiliate providers like Clickbank, we can see that there are 4 stands out subjects to cover:

Financial services

Promoting a product from the financial services sector is the top subject for successful affiliate programs. It’s always profitable to drive traffic on a landing page that has something to do with the profitable topic. Whether its information on saving money, products to help you make more money or investment products to help you make the most of the money you have. All are constantly in demand, and the finance market is full of affiliate programs that pay great commissions.

Try the most profitable Affiliate Program

Health services

Again, everything from weight loss to clearer skin, exercise and muscle supplements, and almost everything in between. There is huge demand throughout the market, but especially for weight-related products, and high commissions are available from a wide choice of affiliate programs.


While the first two are predictable, this one may come as a surprise. Dating guides, courses and so on, along with becoming an affiliate for dating sites themselves are all opportunities. Everyone is looking for companionship, so it is an evergreen market, with products always in demand. Again, good commissions are available, and you have a wide choice of affiliate programs.

Beauty and Fashion

While the obvious may be an affiliate program with fashion stores, this is a much wider subject that may first appear. Guides for nail art, tattoo designs, handmade jewelry from small suppliers are all available in profitable affiliate programs.

Is it for you?

One of the best things about making money with affiliate marketing is that it is suitable for almost anyone. If you own a blog, then its straightforward to add affiliate links to your content, while social media influencers can do the same. From YouTube to Instagram, Twitter to Facebook, if you have a following, you can put your affiliate offers to them, and if someone buys, you earn.

If you are not an influencer, but you are social and have a lot of Twitter or Instagram followers as a result, you could promote affiliate products in the same way. Affiliate marketing is all about putting an offer for a product in front of an audience, at its core it really is that simple, and it really is something we can all do.

If you are no good in creating content and are no social media star, you can still do it. Try driving targeted traffic with email marketing, pay per click ads (ppc ads such as Google AdSense). Experiment with different call to action formats. In affiliate marketing, success is the result of hard work and determination. Everyone can make it

Because in general, you can use most channels available, affiliate marketing is very flexible. If you spend a lot of time on Instagram, adding affiliate links to your posts can be very effective. Likewise, if you are a blogger, or use Twitter and Facebook, you can use all of these platforms to spread your affiliate links.

Getting paid

So, you are probably wondering how you get paid, and here there are two types of affiliate programs. The first is the one-time payment. Someone buys a book through your affiliate links, you get a commission on the sale. That’s the end of that, its great, and with regular sales, you can build a nice income.

The second way is slightly different, and this is a lifetime income. That is, you sell once, and keep getting paid for it every month. This is achieved by offering subscription services, that could be access to a forum, a piece of software, website hosting, anything that requires a monthly fee. You can see that this has the potential to bring in more money over time, and they are a very popular option for affiliate marketers.

Now, all that sounds great, but you are probably wondering if it will work for you. Affiliate marketing is pretty unique in that pretty much anyone can start from scratch and find success, and there is a history of people doing just that. Take Darren Rowse, who started out in 2003 with a small blog called He turned a blog that makes a couple of dollars a week into an income of thousands a month through offering Amazon products on his site through their affiliate program.

Amazon is perhaps the biggest example of the power and success of affiliate marketing, they have used it from very early on to drive their sales, and no one can question the results. Affiliate marketing is great for you as a way to earn, but it’s also great for the provider too.

The best approach

The key to affiliate success is to make sure you know what your audience responds to, and that you get paid when you should. The best approach to achieve this is to use an affiliate tracking platform such as Unilink. This provides a range of tools that ensure you get the most out of your affiliate work.

With reliable, easily understood stats from 3rd party services, you can see how your affiliate ads are performing, who is clicking on the links, and how many are making a purchase afterward. This allows you to tailor your ads to get a better response.  That detailed data is key to adjusting your marketing approach to maximize your earnings, with the tracking platform offering a range of tools to make analysis much faster and easier for you.

In addition to the analytics, that is the data analysis, using an affiliate tracking platform allows you to run multiple affiliate campaigns from different programs, but manage them all from a single control panel, allowing you to see how all your affiliate marketing is performing quickly.

Your next step

If you are looking for a way to make money on the internet, then affiliate marketing offers a unique, accessible opportunity. With no stock, no shipping and no need to even create products yourself, it’s a simple, low-cost way to start your own business and earn some money.

By choosing your niche carefully, and using an affiliate tracking platform, you can expand your affiliate activities as much as you want, the amount you earn really is up to you.

Try the most profitable Affiliate Program is a cutting-edge affiliate tracking platform that has everything you need for success. It features a simple interface, exceptional data, and analysis, along with campaign ready templates to ensure your marketing is professional and effective.

Your affiliate journey starts with just a simple step, check out, and change your world.


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