There are a lot of ways of setting up a passive income. Businesses are looking for new methods to promote their products and services online, are willing to include in their marketing strategies methods that are efficient, a spend a lot when the effects are measurable. Affiliate marketing works, and companies this type of expenditure as quite rewarding, leaving a lot of space for everyone to make extra cash along the way.

In this article, we provide a general guide on one of the most popular passive income generators – affiliate marketing. It is easy to set up and maintain, with costs low if you consider potential gains.

Through this guide, we offer five best ways to earn money with affiliate marketing, as well as how to set them up properly. We also talk about the importance of the platform’s programs, such as the one offered by

Power of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing rose in power in the last few years. Users would help a business sell a product through their own channels and receive rewards (payments mostly) for each new client purchase or even registration through their channel.

In terms of value, the sector is growing. According to the Web Market Support data, money spent in the US by companies for affiliate partnerships rose from $4.21 billion in 2015 to $5.9 billion in 2018. These are 6 billion dollars in just one country. You could easily make a living participating in affiliate marketing programmes.

Moreover, the affiliate programs expanded as well since 2015, including support tools from platforms for their partners. The marketing industry saw new heights as peer-to-peer (P2P) advertising provided a more personal approach to the customer reach.

Rewards for affiliates drew in the large army of promoters and yet kept the costs low. With the right strategy and approach, the program can serve as a powerful passive income for affiliates.

Here are the tips that will help you become a successful affiliate marketer.

Importance of a Good Platform

Affiliates should seek out those companies that have several perks for them. First of all, choose a product that’s easy to sell. The company you want to promote should have a great website and an attractive offer. Otherwise, you will put a lot of effort into actions driving visitors that don’t convert.

Whatever sector you are pursuing, the site needs to be attractive and hold numerous attractive functions and features for clients. Without a stable platform and adequate services, even the best affiliate programs would not yield revenues.

Additionally, affiliate revenue rewards, as well as transparency and privacy, play a huge role when deciding on the platform. Adequate payments for each client you refer is a given, but the attractiveness of the program also includes other important indicators. Programs should offer advertising tools, such as banners, links, transparent analytics, and data protection. provides a versatile real-time affiliate tracking tool. If you join the network you will get access to the best affiliate programmes. also provides you a full stack of tools and creative designs that will help you attract targeted traffic effortlessly.

The company offers a snowballing income with great negotiate deals revenue share levels that often go as high as 40%. Affiliate partners also have universal tracking tools that help them follow up on all transactions of referrals in real time. This is especially important when you build a lifetime multilevel revenue network. That is you get the reward not only every time a customer you brought in buys a product, but also get a smaller commision every time the referrals of your referrals make a purchase.

5 Best Ways for Affiliate Marketing

In our opinion and experience, the following 5 ways are the best channels of income when engaging in affiliate marketing efforts. These are:

– Blogging

– Advertising in search engines and social media

– Forum & Reddit channels

– eBook & reports

– Your own Website


Blogging is probably one of the most popular choices when it comes to affiliate marketing channels. Many use their writing skills to attract attention and drive traffic. In this way, you can work out as many websites as you wish, earning impressive incomes should you have a knack for writing. If you don’t like writing you can always try to involve other people to write for you. Starting off would need some investment, but this model is much more scalable.

The blogging tools and infrastructure are free so you won’t need to spend anything on this. Just your time.

Advertising in Social Media

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, and many other platforms are now one of the biggest pools of valuable leads. Many companies switched their marketing efforts entirely on social media, where people delve for an entire day.

Thus, many referral partners would use their personal account (or open a new one) and post statuses, pictures, banners, and other content to attract new customers for the advertised company.

Advertising through this channel is completely free while most platforms provide analytics that would help you design your affiliate strategy and campaigns.

If you have more of an analytical personality, you can just set up a landing page with some attractive description of the product, add catchy calls-to-action, and set up a Google AdWords campaign buying ppc ads. Experimenting with different sets of keyword phrases is the key to success here.

Forum & Reddit Channels

Another great way to reach your referral audience is through forums and Reddit channels. This option is somewhat a mix of blogging and social media advertising, as you post texts and links. Texts are not as long as in blogging but do provide adequate space to reach the specific target audience. Above all else, it is free to use in 99% of cases, except if you are getting into a niche that requires monthly subscriptions.

eBook & Reports

The rise of online books, popularly known as eBooks, became quite a nice way to get a lot of platforms in one place and even earn through several channels. Amazon is a good place to sell those books and you have quite a nice market reach. It is free to make unless you wish to make it look really professional. You can also open up your website/blog and offer free, short reports and eBooks.

With an abundance of space, you can earn from affiliate programs, as well as from the books’ sale if you are a talented writer.

Your Own Website

The website is much similar to blogging although vastly different in style and organization. Whereas blogs are personal, sites might provide technical explanations, as well as other services as well. Blogs are usually information-driven while websites attract customers through their own products. Thus, you can sell consultation services, eBooks, apps and much more while making affiliate articles. The attractive site does not require a large number of investments, though it is more expensive than a blog.

With you can create a landing page for an affiliate marketing program campaign in just a few seconds choosing a ready-to-use template and copying the affiliate link to the clipboard.

Bringing it All Together

You do not need to use just one channel to get the most from the affiliate program. Tinker with all of them, and see which works for the product you chose to promote. You can open up a website that has a blog section, links to social media & forums and that sells eBooks, for an example. The more content and communication channels you have, the better.

We would recommend checking out affiliation program, as it is one of the most competitive ones in the trading industry.


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