We’ve been writing a lot about the advantages of affiliate marketing and how it is the easiest way to achieve passive income. However, the first step may be the most difficult. That’s why we’ve prepared this short guide on how to register to Unilink.

First, go to our new Unilink.io home page and click “Sign Up” button.

Then, type in your e-mail address and a secure password. You will receive an e-mail asking for your account verification.

The last step is to choose the product or service you’d like to promote. When picking your partner you should take into consideration the most important questions:

  • Is the commission high?
  • Do they charge their customers with recurring payments?
  • Do they offer you a lifetime rev share?
  • Is the product or service compelling?
  • Are they growing dynamically?
  • Are they developing their product?
  • Do you have access to potential customers?
  • Are you interested in the industry they’re from?

If you find a partner where the answer to these questions is “yes”, give it a try.


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